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How To Pay Anon Premium

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Last Updated 20 April 2024 19:02 UTC

Click Payment Method To Jump Straight To The Tutorial Section:


1.) Paypal (Easy)

2.) Direct Crypto Payment (ETH LTC BNB)

3.) Where To Purchase Crypto (ETH LTC BNB BCH)

4.) Credit / Debit Card Payment (May Involve Providing ID)

5.) Change Payment Method Invoices

6.) Our Current Crypto Addresses (Please Check These Before Paying As They Change For Security Purposes)

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Date Last Updated: 20 April 2024

Our Current Crypto Currency Addresses for payment are:

ETH Address: 0x6C5232E31Ccd158a4CDe30cB1fEBfC53Bd99998e
BNB: 0x6C5232E31Ccd158a4CDe30cB1fEBfC53Bd99998e
LTC: LgXpebffVpHGJUSrRfj3RfFkW6iwafFQxW
BCH: qq57j9m2374c2wlqjrphrpk7kyk7j0hs7uuf44nt0e
BTC: bc1qt8eh3hhk8974692q48etls8vd5nds3r94xgg64 –  FEES ARE VERY HIGH RIGHT NOW.

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PayPal Payment Instructions

Option 1 – Paypal

Paypal Sending ETH  OR  LTC Procedure.


Login PayPal (Easier logging in on browser not the app)


Got to PayPal home screen


Your screen should look like this notice we have highlighted the important part.


Click the crypto button or finances.

step 5.

Click ETH OR LTC icon

 Step 6.

Click the blue buy button and a box pops up purchase the amount of ETH OR LTC you need in US$ we always recommend buying $5 more then you need this covers fees etc and if ever bitcoin goes up your $5 could end up being even more in 1 years time.


Chose how to pay and click next and buy now.

Step 8 you have now bought bitcoin time to send it to us.

Step 9 Sending ETH OR LTC to our wallet. Login PayPal via web browser

Step 10. click the crypto window

Step 11. click ETH OR LTC icon

Step 12 click the blow horizontal arrows it may ask you to complete some addition information.

Step13 Click Send ETH OR LTC

Step 14 you will now see the search box paste in our ETH OR LTC address from the invoice or use our non unique one located here: 

In the to: box paste in our ETH OR LTC address

ETH Address: 0x6C5232E31Ccd158a4CDe30cB1fEBfC53Bd99998e
LTC: LgXpebffVpHGJUSrRfj3RfFkW6iwafFQxW

Step 15 tell us you paid via a support ticket.

Paypal Purchasing / Sending Crypto Procedure  Video 1.

Paypal  Sending Crypto to Anon Premium ETH / LTC /  BTC  Video 2.

Purchasing Crypto Instructions

Places to buy ETH With debit/credit card / PayPal
Always purchase a little more then you need to cover fees say 10 US$
You can always check values by visiting US$ To Canadian $ 

Best Places To Buy ETH / LTC April 2024 

Try out MoonPay  or BITQUICK for purchasing ETH / LTC without ID – Add $10 when sending payment to cover any fees.
You can input our wallet address directly if you wish to save having to double send.

Click Here For Our Current Crypto Addresses

Other Places To Buy

Coinbase app on play or apple store or & or download the Binance App on Play or Apple Store

Here’s how to buy Cryptocurrency with PayPal on the web:

  1. Click on the Crypto promotional tile  More  on your PayPal account Dashboard.
  2. From the Crypto landing page, select the Cryptocurrency you would like to buy.
  3. Click  Buy. You may have to confirm your account.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to buy.
  5. Choose a payment method.
  6. Select  Buy.


Instruction to pay with debit & credit anonymously without leaving a digital footprint on your credit file that you have joined an adult website.

Paying By Debit /Credit Card Instructions (Quick Instructions).

We have added another option where you just sign up with a third party input your credit / debit card in and pay us, it works out more expensive, and will likely involve giving personal information to the creidt card provider. To send payment  Click Here To Pay Directly By Credit / Debit Card (Opens a new window) In the payment box Recipient Wallet paste this address bc1qey3n9v0n9e3saw2arx0gkggwntmehggs823zuq  click confirm. The payment will arrive directly to us. Please Make sure you add $10 to the invoice to cover the processing charge.

After you have made payment please complete The Payment Form

Paying Directly with Credit / Debit Card (Full Instructions With Images)

Paying By Credit / Debit Card costs 10% more as uses a payment processor. We would recommend using cash app as this will save you the payment processing fee of $10.
So add $10 to any purchase to cover the payment processor charges, if your order total is $45 pay $55, 75$ pay $85 & £100 Pay $110 (Only Credit Card Orders)
Click Here To Pay Now / Debit / Credit Cards. (Opens a new window)

In the payment box Wallet address paste the ETH or LTC address: 

Choose one of the six providers and click buy this will send it directly to us, take a screen shot once it completes.

You might be asked to verify your identity.

Click Here For Places To Purchase Crypto (Bitcoin ETH LTC BNB BCH)

After you have made payment please complete The Payment Form

Still stuck? open a Support Ticket so we can help you pay and get access, as you really are missing out by not joining, the content inside our premium is so amazing and unique that you will not find anything like it on this planet.