Monero Payment Form

After you have sent payment to our Bitcoin Address, We require you to do 4 simple things in one email! to us:

  • 1. Step one Click Here and register an account on the forums, this will allow you to gain access to the VIP section on the forums and our future platform that will one day likely replace the Image Boards, as well as give you an area for support.
  • 2.) A Screen shot of your payment
  • 3.) A Screen Shot of your Transaction ID (TXID) Sometimes called Hash ID
  • 4.) Paste or type the long transaction ID (TXID) into the (TXID) Box – The TXID is very important do not submit this form without it!
  • Do not use yahoo, *.edu* *gov* sbsglobal, aol, or any disposable emails like it is unlikely you will ever receive your login details as they are unreliable email providers. We suggest you sign up for a free totally anonymous email like or if you must use a traceable email use or hotmail.

  • captcha

We aim to process all memberships within 24 hours of Monero transactions confirming and subject to you having sent in a valid transaction number and screen shots, if you have not heard from us in that time our email has ended up in your spam folder so check it.

(If the form fails to submit please resize your screen shots smaller they maybe too large to attach.)